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       1956 - 2019   
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BJP Physie gives students the opportunity to experience jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, aerobic dance and even yoga all in the one 45 minute lesson. Greater emphasis is placed on developing core strength, improving flexibility and building good posture.


The Choreography changes annually and is designed for maximum variety and fun.

Physie (also known as Physical Culture) is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase strength, fitness and flexibility. The benefits for your daughter are increased co-ordination, brain development and confidence.Physie is a synchronised, team-based sport that’s social and fun and an excellent low impact dance and aerobic activity.


Physie is Affordable!


Physie is affordable for every Australian Family
Dance classes can rapidly become expensive – shoes, costumes and recital costs all add up on top of the weekly fees. Physie is different. There are no hidden costs or expensive shoes and the only costume the girls require is a leotard. Physie is an affordable way to learn to dance and also lots of fun!








What Is  Physie?

An opportunity to experience a number of dance styles in a

45 minute class.

Girls & Women Looking for a Positive, Healthy Activity


For Girls and Women Aged 3 to 73

Physie isn’t just about dancing or competitions. It is about the skills to become confident, strong women, getting fit and healthy and having a place where you feel encouraged, supported and valued.

Physie girls learn about positive body image from a young age. They’re taught to embrace fitness as a way of life and focus on what their bodies can do, rather than how they look.

Balance, coordination and flexibility are important skills at any stage of life – whether you’re 3 or 73 years old. Physie creates strength and fitness through specifically-designed choreography that is age appropriate.

All the routines are choreographed to a vibrant mix of music that both the young and young at heart will love.


For girls looking to have fun and grow in confidence
Every year Physie helps shy, reserved girls to blossom with confidence and perform for an audience. Being part of a supportive, encouraging community does wonders for girls’ self-esteem.

Who Does Physie?

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Dance Classes are held at Guildford,
Merrylands West & Greystanes