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2021 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Charlie- Finalist, Jasmine- Finalist

6 Years- Gicellyna- 3rd Place

8 Years- Emily A- 4th Place, Ayla- Finalist

9 Years- Billie- 3rd Place, Zara- Finalist, 

Sierra- Finalist

10 Years- Gemma- 4th Place, Bronte- Finalist


11 Years- Heidi- Finalist


12 Years- Charlotte- Finalist, Leiden- Finalist 


13 Years- Olivia- 2nd Place, Alexia- Finalist


14 Years- Emma- Finalist

Ladies Masters

Open Over 40s- Verity- National Semi Final




National Competitors- Gicellyna 6 Years, Emily A 8 Years

National Semi Finalists- Billie 9 Years, Gemma 10 Years 

National Finalist- Olivia 13 Years


National Competitors- Hayley 1st Years, Olivia 19/20 Ghounwa 21/22

National Semi Finalists- Ainsley 15 Years

National Finalists- Victoria 1st Years, Leanne 21/22


5-6 Years- 3rd A grade

7-8 Years- 4th A grade

9-10 years- 3rd A grade

11-12 Years- 3rd A grade

Intermediate Ladies- 3rd Place B Grade

Open Ladies U33- 3rd Place A/B Combined

2020 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Gicellyna- 4th Place, Sienna S- Finalist

6 Years- Marlowe- Finalist

7 Years- Ava- 2nd Place, Ayla- Finalist,                 Emily A- Finalist, Indie- Finalist

8 Years- Patience- 2nd Place, Zara- 5th Place

Billie- Finalist, Lia- Finalist, Sierra- Finalist

9 Years- Gemma- 5th Place, Brianna- Finalist

10 Years- Heidi- 3rd Place, Crystal- Finalist

Emilia- Finalist, Leah- Finalist


11 Years- Leiden- 3rd Place, Charlotte- 5th Place

Sienna- Finalist


12 Years- Olivia- 2nd Place, Rochelle- Finalist


13 Years- Emma- 4th Place, Celine- Finalist


14 Years- Ainslie- Finalist, Madison- Finalist

Ladies Zone

Novice Ladies- Madison- Finalist 

Open Ladies O33- Verity- 4th Place



11-12 Years- 2nd Place Championship Grade!

15-1st Years- 2nd Place

State Finals


State Competitors- Patience & Zara 8 Yrs, Gemma 9 Yrs, Leiden & Charlotte 11 Yrs

State Semi-Finalists- Ava 7 Yrs, Olivia 12 Yrs, Emma 13 Yrs

State Finalist (Top 15 in NSW)- Heidi 10 Yrs


State Competitors- Hayley 15 Yrs, Piper 1st Yrs, Ghounwa & Sheboni 21/22

State Semi-Finalists- Jaz 1st Yrs, Jen 2nd Yrs, Olivia 19/20

State Finalists- Cecilia 1st Yrs, Leanne 21/22, Nichole 23/24

State Place getters!- Victoria 3rd 15 Yrs, Rachael 3rd 21/22


State Semi-Finalist- Verity Open O33

2019 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Vayda- 2nd Place, Marlowe- 4th Place

6 Years- Ava- 1st Place Zone Champion, Indie 4th Place, Ayla- Finalist, Emily A- Finalist

7 Years- Patience- 2nd Place, Billie- Finalist, Sierra- Finalist

8 Years- Gemma- 4th Place, Bronte- Finalist, Mimsa- Finalist

9 Years- Heidi- 3rd Place, Leah- 5th Place,  Crystal- Finalist, Emilia- Finalist, Gabriella- Finalist

10 Years- Charlotte- 3rd Place, Leiden- 5th Place, Sienna- Finalist

11 Years- Olivia- 2nd Place, Alexia- Finalist, Isabel- Finalist, Kayley- Finalist,  Rochelle- Finalist

12 Years- Emma- 1st Place Zone Champion, Celine- Finalist, Maddison- Finalist 

14 Years- Victoria- 1st Place Zone Champion

Ladies Zone

Intermediate Ladies- Corinne- Finalist

Open Ladies O33- Veirty- 4th Place



5-6 Years- 4th Place Championship Grade

7-8 Years- 2nd Place Championship Grade

9-10 Years- 4th Place Championship Grade

11-12 Years- 4th Place Championship Grade

15-1st Years- 2nd Place

Open Seniors- 4th Place



National Competitors- Indie 6 Yrs, Patience 7 Yrs, Gemma 8 Yrs, Heidi & Leah 9 Yrs, Charlotte & Leiden 10 Yrs, Olivia 11 Yrs

National Semi-Finalists- Ava 6 Yrs, Emma 12 Yrs, Victoria 14 Yrs


National Competitors- Nina, Piper & Jaz 15 Yrs, Ceinlys 2nd Yrs, Ghounwa 19/20

National Semi Finalists- Cecilia 15 Yrs, Olivia Novice Senior, Leanne 19/20, Nichole 23/24

National Challenger- Rachael 19/20


National Semi-Finalist- Verity Open O33

2018 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Indie- 1st Place Zone Champion, Ava- 5th Place

6 Years- Patience- 3rd Place, Billie- Finalist, Hannah- Finalist, Mikayla- Finalist, Sierra- Finalist 

7- Years- Gemma- 5th Place, Amanda- Finalist, Brianna- Finalist, Bronte- Finalist, Mimsa- Finalist 

8 Years- Emilia- 5th Place, Crystal Finalist, Gabriella- Finalist, Heidi- Finalist, Leah- Finalist

9 Years- Charlotte- 1st Place Zone Champion, Sienna- 5th Place, Claire- Finalist, Jasmine- Finalist, Leiden- Finalist, Ruby- Finalist

10 Years- Olivia- 2nd Place, Alexia- Finalist, Rochelle- Finalist 

11 Years- Emma- 3rd Place, Maddison- 5th Place, Celine- Finalist

12 Years- Madison- Finalist

13 Years- Victoria- 2nd Place

14 Years- Cecilia- 1st Place Zone Champion, Jaz- 3rd Place, Sarah- 4th Place

Ladies Zone

Open O33- Verity 4th Place



5-6 Years- 2nd Place Championship Grade

7-8 Years- Pink Team 2nd Place Championship Grade

               Mint Team 4th Place Championship Grade

11-12 Years- 3rd Place Championship Grade

13-14 Years- 5th Place Championship Grade

Open Seniors- 4th Place



National Competitors- Gemma 7 Yrs, Emilia 8 Yrs, Charlotte & Sienna 9 Yrs, Cecilia, Jaz & Sarah 14 Yrs

National Semi-Finalists- Patience 6 Yrs, Victoria 13 Yrs

National Finalist (Top 18 in Australia)- Emma 11 Yrs


National Competitors- Ramona 15 Yrs, Leanne & Ghounwa 19/20

National Semi-Finalists- Olivia 2nd Yrs, Nichole 21/22

National Finalist (Top 15 in Australia)- Tabby 23/24

National Champion- Rachael 19/20


National Finalist (Top 15 in Australia)- Verity Open O33

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