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2023 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Violet- 4th Place, Clara- Finalist, Peyton- Finalist

6 Years- Alex- Finalist, Amaya- Finalist, Annalisa- Finalist, Evelyn- Finalist, Ruth- Finalist


7 Years- Aoife- Finalist, Aria- Finalist, Charlie- Finalist, Jasmine- Finalist

8 Years- Gicellyna- 5th Place, Caroline- Finalist, Jemima- Finalist

9 Years- Simone- Finalist 

10 Years- Ava- 2nd Place


11 Years- Billie- 4th Place, Zara- 5th Place, Sierra- Finalist


12 Years- Gemma- 3rd Place, Bronte- Finalist

Ladies Zone

Novice Ladies- Danielle- 4th Place, Kristy- Finalist

Under 33 Open Ladies- Sarah M- 6th Place

Ladies Masters

Open Over 40s- Verity- National Semi Finalist

National 3rd Place


5-6 Years- 2nd A Grade

7-8 Years- 3rd A Grade

9-10 years- 4th A Grade

11-12 Years- 3rd A Grade

2nd Year Seniors- 4th Place B Grade



National Competitors- Zara 11 Years, Billie 11 Years

National Semi Finalists- Gicellyna 8 Years, Gemma 12 Years

National Finalist- Ava 10 Years


National Competitors- Heidi 13 Years, Avani 14 Years, Chloe 14 Years, Sienna 14 Years, Alexia 15 Years, Juliana 15 Years, Isabel 15 Years, Ainsley 2nd Years, Hayley Novice Senior, Nina Novice Senior


National Semi Finalist- Emma 1st Years, Cecilia Novice Senior, Olivia 21/22

National Finalists- Olivia 15 Years, Victoria Novice Senior, Leanne 23/24


National Semi Finalist- Sarah M Under 33 Open Ladies

National 3rd Place- Danielle Novice Ladies

2022 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Evelyn- 4th Place, Amaya- Finalist, Annalisa- Finalist, Ruth- Finalist

6 Years- Charlie- Finalist, Jasmine- Finalist


7 Years- Caroline- Finalist, Gicellyna- Finalist, Jemima- Finalist

8 Years- Simone- Finalist 

9 Years- Ava- 3rd Place, Ayla- Finalist, Emily A- Finalist,

10 Years- Zara- 2nd Place, Patience- 3rd Place, Billie- 4th Place, Sierra- Finalist


11 Years- Gemma- 3rd Place, Bronte- Finalist


12 Years- Emilia- Finalist, Heidi- Finalist


13 Years- Leiden- 5th Place, Avani- Finalist, Charlotte- Finalist, Chloe- Finalist


14 Years- Olivia- 1st Place and Zone Champion, Juliana- Finalist

Ladies Masters

Open Over 40s- Verity- National Finalist

National 3rd Place

Ladies Zone

Under 33 Open Ladies- Sarah M- Finalist



National Competitors- Ava 9 Years, Zara 10 Years, Patience 10 Years, Gemma 11 Years

National Semi Finalists- Billie 10 Years

National Finalist- Olivia 14 Years


National Competitors- Emma 15 Years, Ainsley 1st Years, Hayley 2nd Years, Jaz 2nd Years, Nina 2nd Years, Katrina 21/22, Olivia 21/22, Ghounwa 23/24

National Finalists- Victoria 2nd Years, Leanne 23/24

National Place Getter- Cecilia- 3rd Place 2nd Years


Intermediate Ladies- 4th Place A Grade

2021 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Charlie- Finalist, Jasmine- Finalist

6 Years- Gicellyna- 3rd Place

8 Years- Emily A- 4th Place, Ayla- Finalist

9 Years- Billie- 3rd Place, Zara- Finalist, 

Sierra- Finalist

10 Years- Gemma- 4th Place, Bronte- Finalist


11 Years- Heidi- Finalist


12 Years- Charlotte- Finalist, Leiden- Finalist 


13 Years- Olivia- 2nd Place, Alexia- Finalist


14 Years- Emma- Finalist

Ladies Masters

Open Over 40s- Verity- National Semi Final

Junior Nations



National Competitors- Gicellyna 6 Years, Emily A 8 Years

National Semi Finalists- Billie 9 Years, Gemma 10 Years 

National Finalist- Olivia 13 Years


National Competitors- Hayley 1st Years, Olivia 19/20 Ghounwa 21/22

National Semi Finalists- Ainsley 15 Years

National Finalists- Victoria 1st Years, Leanne 21/22


5-6 Years- 3rd A grade

7-8 Years- 4th A grade

9-10 years- 3rd A grade

11-12 Years- 3rd A grade

Intermediate Ladies- 3rd Place B Grade

Open Ladies U33- 3rd Place A/B Combined

2020 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Gicellyna- 4th Place, Sienna S- Finalist

6 Years- Marlowe- Finalist

7 Years- Ava- 2nd Place, Ayla- Finalist,                 Emily A- Finalist, Indie- Finalist

8 Years- Patience- 2nd Place, Zara- 5th Place

Billie- Finalist, Lia- Finalist, Sierra- Finalist

9 Years- Gemma- 5th Place, Brianna- Finalist

10 Years- Heidi- 3rd Place, Crystal- Finalist

Emilia- Finalist, Leah- Finalist


11 Years- Leiden- 3rd Place, Charlotte- 5th Place

Sienna- Finalist


12 Years- Olivia- 2nd Place, Rochelle- Finalist


13 Years- Emma- 4th Place, Celine- Finalist


14 Years- Ainslie- Finalist, Madison- Finalist

Ladies Zone

Novice Ladies- Madison- Finalist 

Open Ladies O33- Verity- 4th Place

State 3rd Place and State Finalists


11-12 Years- 2nd Place Championship Grade

15-1st Years- 2nd Place

State Finals


State Competitors- Patience & Zara 8 Yrs, Gemma 9 Yrs, Leiden & Charlotte 11 Yrs

State Semi-Finalists- Ava 7 Yrs, Olivia 12 Yrs, Emma 13 Yrs

State Finalist (Top 15 in NSW)- Heidi 10 Yrs


State Competitors- Hayley 15 Yrs, Piper 1st Yrs, Ghounwa & Sheboni 21/22

State Semi-Finalists- Jaz 1st Yrs, Jen 2nd Yrs, Olivia 19/20

State Finalists- Cecilia 1st Yrs, Leanne 21/22, Nichole 23/24

State Place getters- Victoria 3rd 15 Yrs, Rachael 3rd 21/22


State Semi-Finalist- Verity Open O33

2019 Results

Junior Zone

5 Years- Vayda- 2nd Place, Marlowe- 4th Place

6 Years- Ava- 1st Place Zone Champion, Indie 4th Place, Ayla- Finalist, Emily A- Finalist

7 Years- Patience- 2nd Place, Billie- Finalist, Sierra- Finalist

8 Years- Gemma- 4th Place, Bronte- Finalist, Mimsa- Finalist

9 Years- Heidi- 3rd Place, Leah- 5th Place,  Crystal- Finalist, Emilia- Finalist, Gabriella- Finalist

10 Years- Charlotte- 3rd Place, Leiden- 5th Place, Sienna- Finalist

11 Years- Olivia- 2nd Place, Alexia- Finalist, Isabel- Finalist, Kayley- Finalist,  Rochelle- Finalist

12 Years- Emma- 1st Place Zone Champion, Celine- Finalist, Maddison- Finalist 

14 Years- Victoria- 1st Place Zone Champion

Ladies Zone

Intermediate Ladies- Corinne- Finalist

Open Ladies O33- Veirty- 4th Place

Junior Teams


5-6 Years- 4th Place Championship Grade

7-8 Years- 2nd Place Championship Grade

9-10 Years- 4th Place Championship Grade

11-12 Years- 4th Place Championship Grade

15-1st Years- 2nd Place

Open Seniors- 4th Place



National Competitors- Indie 6 Yrs, Patience 7 Yrs, Gemma 8 Yrs, Heidi & Leah 9 Yrs, Charlotte & Leiden 10 Yrs, Olivia 11 Yrs

National Semi-Finalists- Ava 6 Yrs, Emma 12 Yrs, Victoria 14 Yrs


National Competitors- Nina, Piper & Jaz 15 Yrs, Ceinlys 2nd Yrs, Ghounwa 19/20

National Semi Finalists- Cecilia 15 Yrs, Olivia Novice Senior, Leanne 19/20, Nichole 23/24

National Challenger- Rachael 19/20


National Semi-Finalist- Verity Open O33

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