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Types of Classes

Our high-energy classes are designed to be fun, introducing age-appropriate dance movements, teaching the relationship of music to movement, stretching & flexibility, concentration, balance and co-ordination. The girls are introduced to physie, focusing on posture, pointed feet & basic physie positions. We aim to provide super fun and relaxed classes for our future physie stars.

Our youngest members learning to stand tall

5 - 12 YRS (JUNIORS)
The age appropriate BJP syllabus is introduced to the 5 years - core elements of physie, dance and fun! Up to the 12 years the focus is on posture & dance technique, with new moves learnt each lesson. Mid-year, all age groups will know several routines - from basic ballet, jazz dance, aerobic warm-up. The variety of these routines maintains the girls' enthusiasm and focus all year long. The girls have the opportunity to participate in both individual and club team events, fostering our famous club spirit.

Junior Classes (5-12)

Classes consist of dance routines including, hip hop, ballet, jazz, flexibility & floor routines, strength & balance routines, all performed to modern music updated annually. The focus is on fitness and healthy bodies through these routines. The atmosphere in this class is relaxed and friendly, and once again optional competitions for individual and club teams are available.

Baby Senior Classes (13-16)

Modern dance styles such as contemporary and hip hop are performed, in this our most advanced class. Warm-up, jazz and exercise routines are also part of the senior syllabus. Strength, flexibility, musical interpretation and poise are showcased at our national competitions, both individual and club teams, culminating at the Sydney Opera House Senior National Finals.

 Seniors Classes (17-28+)

Our ladies class is very popular, social and super fun! This is a great class - if you are new to physie or returning after a break, as well as the more experienced lady. The BJP syllabus is updated annually, consisting of stretching, aerobic warm ups, contemporary and jazz style routines - all designed to keep you fit and toned. Individual competitions are entirely optional, and our club teams develop such great club spirit. HAVE FUN & GIVE PHYSIE A GO!

Ladies Classes (17+)
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