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Celebrating 60 Years

Over the past year we have celebrated Guildford-Greystanes Physie Clubs 60th Birthday. Our celebrations will continue until our Interclub in August this year.

Guildford-Greystanes Physie Club (originally Guildford Anglican Club) was established in 1956 by its founding teacher Mrs Isabel Bugden. The first classes were held in the Guildford Anglican Church, and moved on to Greystanes Community Hall in 2007. It was at this time that became known as Guildford-Greystanes.

Physie in the early days was very different to the Physie we do today. Girls wore handmade tunics and ballet shoes with elastics and very big “beehive” hairstyles. The syllabus was very simple compared to today’s Physie.

One fond memory of the early days of the club is the end-of-year concerts. Mrs Bugden would prepare an end of year entertainment item in which every girl participated. Some of the most memorable include Itsy bitsy bikinis, Hand on your Heart and New York, New York. Countless hours went into creating stunning costumes made of crepe paper and performances took place at Parramatta Town Hall. The end-of-year concerts were the highlight of the Guildford Physie year.

In June we will honour one of our past traditions with 60th Anniversary Concert at the Redgum Centre, Wentworthville on the 25th June. Stay tuned as preparations begin for this big event.

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