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GG Physie Girls

This week we get to know Victoria Carr who has been a member of Guildford Greystanes physie since she was a tiny tot. It is lovely to see Victoria teaching the juniors at the club these days and we are proud of her dedication and personal achievements.

GG: What is your favourite thing about Physie?

I love doing physie to escape life for a little while! Going to class and immersing myself in the routines, focusing on my posture and working on my technique gives me an opportunity to focus on pushing my body to its limits and I find this very relaxing.

I also love teaching physie to the youngest members of our club! It brings me great joy working with the Tiny Tots and 5-6s and passing on my love of physie to them.

GG: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am currently in Year 11 so most of my time is taken up by school and study but I love to read and also spend time with my family. I play netball too, which is good fun and I like to take any opportunity to put in my earphones, turn on my physie music and go over the new work I’ve just learnt!!

GG: Tell us about your proudest physie moment?

Last year I was blessed enough to place 3rd in my age group at the state competitions. I cannot begin to describe the elation I felt at that moment. As I was marching off Rachelle let me know that I was on the wrong foot as I ran to her crying tears of joy. I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

GG: What are your hot tips for GG Belles wanting to make 2021 their best Physie year yet?

Love what you do and you can’t go wrong! Don’t let medals or trophies dictate your success- focus on your progress and giving your 100% at every class and every competition.

Also, listen to your teachers, tuck your bottom under, tummy in and put your chin up (you’re a GG girl, flaunt it)!!!


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