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GG Champions-Tabatha Cullen

This is the first of a series of blogs to introduce some of our successful club members who have dedicated much of their time to practicing Physie and experienced great rewards. These girls lead by example and embody all that we stand for, empowering girls for life.

Tabatha attends the Seniors Class on Monday nights and has been doing Physie since she was a tiny tot. There is no doubt that from a young age Tabatha showed great ability at Physie and her desire to achieve was there from the start.

For most of her life Tabatha was taught by Guildford's founding teacher Isabel Bugden. It was very special to know that Isabel was standing on side of stage at the Opera House the night that Tabatha won the 1st year senior section in 2012. This is most defiantly one of her greatest achievements to date.

Tabatha knows her physie stuff, she taught the junior girls for a short time and she is always there to lend advice to her peers when it is needed. In her Physie down time Tabby is busy working as a Phlebotomist and in 2017 she will study nursing at University. She even hits the gym to build her strength and fitness.

Watching Tabatha perform brings a smile to my face. Her strength, flexibility and interpretation of the music combine to produce a performance that is hard to turn away from. She spends much time at home experimenting with shapes and heads to find the best and fluent combination. She certainly works hard.

Her recent achievement of 5th place in the 21-22 year section is just one in a long list of national places since she was a junior. Her mum, Katrina and Dad, Shane are her number one supporters, attending every competition and Katrina even makes it to most lessons.

Tabatha, we are proud of your success, the role model that you are and the passion you have for Guildford-Greystanes Physie.

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