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Get to know... Sheboni

'Get to know...' is going to be a regular feature on the GG blog, helping our members get to know each other better and to celebrate our achievements.

A big thank you to Sheboni for agreeing to be our first guest. Sheboni became an Associate for the first time this year, and you can see from her interview below that she really embodies the Guildford-Greystanes and BJP spirit.

GG: Tell us about your Physie history.

SA: This is my 6th year of Physie, meaning I started quite late in year 11 (2015). Individually I haven’t really won anywhere significant but I have been apart of 4 teams over the years and every single team has placed.

Some of my favourite memories include walking into my first lesson and Rachelle immediately recognising me and giving me a hug. Initially I didn’t recognise her and then realised she was actually my primary school teacher!

Another one of my favourite memories was being a one-off teacher for the 13-1st years last year for an extra class. This particular memory is important to me because it’s what made me realise how much I love Physie and how I would love teaching and guiding young girls towards their Physie and life goals.

GG: What is your favourite thing about Physie?

SA: My favourite thing about Physie is the sense of community and belonging it provides for all women. It enables us to feel strengthened and independent through a sport that can push us physically, mentally and emotionally. Specifically being a part of our club has provided me with so many new life long friends and mentors that have played a major role in shaping the person I am today.

GG: Congratulations on becoming an Associate! What inspired you to work towards this goal?

SA: As I mentioned previously I was asked to teach a one-off class last year, and in that moment I realised I wanted to teach. I’ve always felt a connection to the sport and felt as though I have a very meticulous eye (especially when it comes to the smallest details in position etc that could help the girls improve their Physie). I felt as though this skill may be useful.

I am studying to work in a very people centred career and thought my communication skills would transfer nicely to the Physie classroom. After teaching that one class I was curious to see what my opportunities would be in terms of teaching at our club and sure enough Rachelle happened to call around the same time and suggested teaching. Since it was so coincidental (me thinking about teaching and then Rachelle calling) I thought it was a sign and that I’d better take the opportunity!

GG: What are your hot tips for GG Belles wanting to make 2020 their best Physie year yet?

SA: My main tip for future Physie girls is self confidence. This is something that I’ve struggled with my entire Physie career but have come to understand that having confidence in yourself and your work can really improve the way your work is interpreted. I also think practice is key. Nothing can be achieved without a little hard work and commitment.


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