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Physie's Night of Night's

The Opera House......

many a young girl dreams of one day being able to perform on the iconic stage of the Sydney's Opera House. An amazing achievement and honour to represent your club at a senior national level.

Last year Guildford Greystanes had lots of seniors all performing for their opportunity to make the nationals.

Ramona Parker, Olivia Bleeker, Ghounwa Tawk, Leanne Walsh, Rachael Vella, Nichole Vella and Tabatha Cullen.

All girls performed beautifully with Olivia Bleeker and Nichole Vella both making the Semi Finals and Rachael Vella and Tabatha Cullen both making the National Finals to perform at the Opera House.

On the 3rd Dec our GG supporters enjoyed dinner and drinks at the Opera Bar before heading into the Opera House to support our lovely seniors.

Tabatha gave her best performance on the night, one that was shared with her special bundle of joy. We are so proud of all your achievements Tabby and wish you well with your pregnancy.

Rachael was one of two people in the 19-20 section selected to compete in grand champion girl. Our club has waited a long time to watch one of our own experience such an honour. The last competitor to represent our club was Shelley Bugden ( Our Founding Teacher Isabel Bugden's daughter) in 1996.

Rachael stood tall and proud on the iconic steps as they called her name and Guildford Greystanes, It was exciting to watch her make her way down onto the stage to compete one more time.

Rachael was divine and won her section making her the National Champion for the 19-20 year section.

We are so proud of all of the seniors achievements and it goes to show that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

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