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GG Lollipop Competition

We have the most amazing GG Family!! Thank you to everyone who played a part in the amazing success of the Lollipop Competition on Wednesday 24th July..

Hair, posture, leotards, makeup, number pinning and even earings and nail-polish were checked and adjustments advised and made when the girls hit the floor for their first performance of the year.

The tiny tots wowed us, and the 5's through to the ladies performance were a testament to the hard work the teachers, Miss Victoria, Miss Jazz, Miss Verity, Miss Leanne and Miss Rachelle have put in throughout the first half of this year.

We hope this practice comp has eased our new members into competition life and we are so excited to see the progression of the girls as we head into our interclubs.

Congratulations to all members.

Your GG Committee and Teachers.


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