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GG Physie Girls

Over the coming weeks we would like to showcase just some of our dedicated members who show a love of physie and commitment to the improvement of all the members at our club. We start with Cecilia Bolognesi who is moving up into our 2nd Year Senior class in 2021. Cecilia made the NSW State final last year and she will be balancing her passion for our sport with the ever important HSC. Lets take a look at Cecilia.

GG: What is your favourite thing about Physie?
I love everything about Physie! Though my favourite part has to be the preparation for competitions. I love how my friends and I help and push each other when drilling our routines in class but at the same time can always have a good laugh over all the extra unnecessary heads we add-in! 

GG: What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m currently in year 12 at school so a lot of my time is dedicated to that but getting outside whether it’s going on a hike, going to the beach or working out always boosts my mood and keeps my motivation. In the Physie off season I enjoy doing other forms of exercise that can keep me fit for when I return such as aerobics, Pilates and even running around after my sausage dog! 

GG: Tell us about your proudest physie moment?
I have two moments that stand out for being the most memorable. The first was when I was in the 12 years and our team was competing in A grade, we placed first and basically screamed the building down with excitement. My other proud moment occurred at our Guildford club competition when I was in the 15 years and won Senior Club Champion in my first year competing in that section. This moment stands out for me as it was the first time I felt good about how I performed, this obviously reflected in my work when I unexpectedly won the title. 

GG: What are your hot tips for GG Belles wanting to make 2021 their best Physie year yet?
In my opinion the best way to make 2021 your best year yet is to stay positive and motivated throughout. To achieve this make sure you listen to your teacher and work with your teammates, taking in all the criticism you can. Drilling your work again and again leaves you feeling confident with yourself so in the end when it comes to competing you can go in giving it your best shot and all you can! :) 
In the end the more comfortable and confident you feel with yourself the better and more relaxed you will perform on the floor.
 So GG Belles, let’s all kill 2021!  


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