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The Perfect Holiday At Physie

Last Friday 30 Guildford-Greystanes members aged 7 to 12 years spent the day together doing their favourite thing- PHYSIE!

The day began with games and a chat about the why we all love physie so much. Then we had a very special guest Sheila who gave us some fantastic tips about how to improve our marching. We were holding bottles of rice and marching over plastic plates. Emma and Charlotte said 'the old lady was really good. We learned lots of new things.'

As the day continued we made physie girl decorations, designed new leotards and completed crosswords. Miss Chris took us through all our positions and Miss Rachael and Leanne taught us all our routines. Another special guest taught us after lunch and boy! was she strict!!!! Jenna-Beth gave us some dance moves and then stretched us. It REALLY hurt but many of us did the splits on our bad leg for the first time.

Tamsin said that 'it was great to make new friends and she had lots of fun'. No body wanted to go home when mum and dad came to pick us up.


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