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Guess What Hayley Said?

While handing out flyers at Stocklands Merrylands last weekend Hayley was determined to give out as many of those peices of paper as possible, and she did. But when she got the last flyer she said " I'm saving my last one for the best customer". Fingers crossed it has worked.

Many of our members have helped us promote the club and find new members over the past weeks. Over the past two weekends we have passed out over 1000 flyers at Stocklands Merrylands and this week we visit pre-schools in the local area to find new gorgeous tiny tots. We can not THANK YOU enough.

There is no doubt that the most valuable form of advertising is a members word of mouth. Your kind words and encouragement continue to help us grow so keep it up!

Ask your aunty, ask your cousin, bring a friend or encouarge a neighbour to join Guildford-Greystanes Physie today.


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