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What To Wear To A Physie Class And Why?

There is no prescribed uniform for our weekly Physie classes. However, it is important that all Physie girls dress in appropriate attire to ensure they are maximizing their fun and learning in the Physie classroom.

Shorts and T-shirts are not appropriate for Physie classes, as the girls need to be comfortable to move freely, especially for the stretching component of the class.

Remember that how you present yourself in life shows others how you feel about yourself and the effort you intend to give. Confidence in yourself and your body image are important in working to your best ability at all times.

With this in mind here are a few tips for getting ready to attend your weekly Physie lesson:

  • Wear a form-fitting outfit. Leotards are the top choice; you might even wear a one-piece swimming costume or a tight top with tight jazz pants or dance shorts. t-shirts or shorts allowed in the Physie class. Your teachers need to see your bodies in order to correct and ensure proper body placement and technique is happening.

  • Wear a Guildford-Greystanes club outfit. Every physie teacher loves to see their girls supporting each other. Wearing club gear demonstrates that you are proud of where you belong. Ask the committee ladies at the desk about purchasing a GG top or place an order for the GG shorts. They have the exact right form-fit and stretch for all those new moves you will be learning. (Club tracksuits can be purchased to wear at competitions and to class in the winter before you warm up)

  • Have your hair pulled back. Your hair needs to be pulled back into a bun or ponytail to keep hair out of your face. If your hair is too short, put a headband in. If you have layered hair, try using some hairpins.

  • Bring a pair of socks. We are so lucky to be able to dance barefoot. Remember to keep you toe nails trimmed and tidy and bring a pair of socks that can be used to slide on the floor when you complete floor stretches.

  • Always wear what makes you comfortable. We all know we are at our best when we feel good about ourselves not to mention the fact that you will be able to move more smoothly and quickly.

  • Express yourself! Physie is a great way to really be your individual self. Wear your favorite colors and patterns.

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