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Physie Prepares for Highschool

This year four of our 11-12 year old girls have begun highschool. Rachael Vella interviewed the girls to hear their thoughts as they begin highschool and how physie has prepared them for the year ahead. Here is what Biance and Cecilia had to say,

How is year 7 going so far?

Cecilia: High school for me so far is great because I have known girls I had met from physie and they had helped me meet more people.

Bianca: Year 7 is going great so far. I am enjoying it.

2. How has virtues taught from physie such as friendship, patience, hard work, help you in year 7?

Cecilia- Physie has taught me many things and hard work is one of them. It also taught me never to give up or stop trying.

Bianca- Physie has taught me to work hard and try hard.

3.Has physie given you the confidence to make new friends?

Cecilia- Physie is probably the reason why I have made such great friends and I came to a school where I knew no one to now where I have the confidence to meet new people.

Bianca- Yes it has given me confidence which I did not have before I started.

4. What are some things you're looking forward to for physie this year?

Cecilia- I love coming to physie each year because I love seeing my club and learning new dances and competing each year. I am looking forward to teams and comps this year.

Bianca- I am looking forward to learning a new routine, especially the dance.

5.What are things you're looking forward to at school this year?

Cecilia- I am looking forward to joining some sporting teams and learning more each day.

Bianca- I am looking forward for the triathlon at school. Physie has taught me to give things a go.

Cecilia (left) Bianca (right)

The new look- Physie in thongs!

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