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GG Family Make Local Paper

Did you see the D'Angola family in the newspaper?

In late February the Parramatta Advertiser interviewed the D'Angola family. They were asked questions about the benefits of Physie for the family.

There is no doubt that physie is a family affair for the D'Angola girls. Sofia in the 7 years and Gabriella in the 6 years began physie as tiny tots. Their mother, Melissa returned to physie after a long break from the sport and we feel very fortunate that she chose to continue her physie journey at Guildford-Greystanes.

Melissa and her sisters did physie as young girls and have very fond memories of the fun they had at physie.

We love that physie is a special way for Mothers and Daughters to bond. There are few sports that allow you to compete at national levels from the age of 6 years through to over 60 years.

Last year Gabriella was named the 2015 junior club girl at our annual club competition. A family of future champions in our midst.

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