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First Time PHYSIE Fun At The Easter Show

Ainsley is 9 years old and this year she joined the BJP team to dance at the Royal Easter Show. Here is the first timers recount of the experience.

On my way to the first practice I felt excited and kind of scared. When I saw Phoebe waiting for me I felt less scared. Phoebe and I went inside and I was surprised that the place was so big and there were a lot of girls.

When I was learning the routines it was fun but also tiring. I felt happy and excited because I was going to perform at the Easter Show.

The older Guildford girls looked out for me and there were six of us altogether.

All day at school before the Easter Show I was really excited. When I got to the show, before I went on, I was really nervous.

Running on to the field was fun and there were a lot of people watching. Once I started performing I wasn’t as nervous and I enjoyed all of it.

It was a good experience and I would like to do it again. I think that other Guildford girls should try it.

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