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A Physie First Wedding

​Last weekend I had a physie first. I attended the wedding of a very special girl in my life. I taught Sarah as a 5 year old at the old Guildford preschool room. She was one of my very first students I ever taught and just like I watched her do her first top stand and yard all those years ago, I watched her walk down the aisle.

I have no doubt that the feelings of pride that I had were not comparable to that of her mother Michelle and Father Raphael but as she took those steps with shoulders back and head up I was overcome with emotion. The hours of lessons, encouragement when she didn’t think she could do it and the laughs in between, in some small way had contributed to this one moment in her life. It suddenly occurred to me that the privilege of watching a young girl grow into a woman and begin her life with her partner is one of the greatest moments a physie teacher can truly have.

Physie has obviously been an important aspect of Sarahs life, three of her four bridesmaids were Physie girls. Her sister Danielle, physie friend Monika and family friend Brooke have all graced the Guildford physie floor at one stage of their life. I will not lie I also had a few moments when I felt REALLY old. How could this be? My 5 year old was getting married! This again reinforced the thought that when the trophies are gone and floor is empty it’s the friendships that last a lifetime.

My first physie wedding was complete when the wedding officiate mentioned Sarahs love of physie and David (the groom) struck a physie pose!

Thank you Sarah and David for allowing me the honor of attending your very special day. The ceremony was gorgeous, food was delicious and party was fun, but lets face it, how could it not be all of those things when physie girls are around.

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