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Physie Prepares For Highschool-PART 2

Back in February we interviewed Bianca and Cecilia in their first few weeks of starting high school. This is part 2 of that series. This time we hear from Briana Wilson and Sarah Denis. Both girls started High school this year and have been doing physie since they were tiny tots. It is truly a special privilege to see these girls become ladies.

How is year 7 going so far?

Sarah: Its going great and I’m coping with everything.

Briana: Year 7 is going great.

How has virtues taught from physie such as friendship, patience, hard work, help you in year 7?

Sarah: Physie has taught me to work hard and try hard.

Briana: Physie has taught me to try my best at everything.

Has physie given you the confidence to make new friends?

Sarah: Yes, defiantly. It has given me confidence and I have made lots more great friends.

Briana: Yes. I enjoy seeing the physie girls each week. We are all good friends.

What are some things you're looking forward to for physie this year?

Sarah: I’m looking forward to learning knew routines and making new friends, if any new girls come and join.

Briana: Doing the floor drill to Taylor Swift!

What are things you're looking forward to at school this year?

Sarah: I am looking forward for the triathlon. I will be doing it with Cecilia. We met at physie and started at the same High school this year.

Briana: 100 % Year 7 camp. Although, Miss Rachelle wont be happy because I think its close to team time.

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