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GG Belles Teachers Take On Accreditation

Over the last month our club teachers had the opportunity to attend the accreditation courses for physie teachers.

Rachelle, Leanne and I attended level One, then the following week Nichole, Rachael and I attended level Two.

These were held at Roslea Community Centre. It ran from 9am till 5.30pm and many teachers from all ages and clubs attended.

Yes, even the teachers teaching for years can always learn something new, in this case we did!

We talked about Positions, been strong in exercises and floor drill and the ability to also be soft in the relaxed. Expectations of members and families at competition time and much much more.

It gave us the opportunity to participate in different activities and learn new teaching techniques.

It also gave us insight into judging points and teamwork and team judging.

There is so much that we have all taken away from these classes, Besides a lovely certificate, I think the thing that stands out the most, is that we have an amazing physie community that is willing to share their successes and their goals to help guide the entire community of teachers to be their best and give their best to their students.

A big thank you to Jackie, Kim and Cheryl for taking the time to present such amazing accreditation courses.

It was so insightful and I know we will all take the amazing techniques we learnt and put them to good use in our classes.

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