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Great Times In Canberra

Victoria Carr from the 11 years talks about the GG Belles adventure to Canberra:

On the weekend some of the GG Belles and their families travelled all the way to Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory for an interclub, including myself and my mum. On Saturday, we travelled down towards the A.C.T packed for the weekend away. After arriving at around four o'clock to our hotel we took some time to check in and freshen up before dinner with some of the other GG Belles and their families.

After a nice dinner and some fun with the girls we headed back to the hotel to prepare for a big day of competition. Our mums helped put in curlers and straightened our hair so it wouldn't be too much of a rush in the morning. We set our alarms for eight o'clock and dozed off so we would have enough energy for a day of tough competition.

After a good nights sleep and a buffet breakfast at our hotel we packed up all of our things and made sure we had our leotards and our hair done. We travelled to the school where the interclub was hosted by Canberra P.C.C. There were so many people there and we soon got a seat and started to watch the other girls.

Guildford had an amazing day of tough competition, hard work, determination and some places!! All of the girls looked absolutely beautiful in their new leotards with their hair done up and looking fabulous.

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