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We Are Ready!

The GG Belles continue to prepare and practice for the zone competition this weekend. Final revision took place at our workshop two weeks ago where we focused on marching and positions. The best part was winning Freddo Frogs and getting to hang out together.

We played a few games, marched over plates, had competitions against each other to remember the names of all our positions and even checked our crossing steps would hold a cup of tea with ease. Best of all was watching our older girls bonding with the younger members.The greatest thing about physie is the lifelong friendships you make and the girls are certainly becoming great mates.

All in all this years workshops have been fun and we know that we are ready for the weekend ahead. GOOD LUCK to all our BELLES from ages 5 years to 14 years. We are so proud YOU! Push yourself right to the end xxxxx

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