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Congratulations GG Belles

What a HUGE weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday many go the GG belles competed in the annual Pennant Hills Zone competition. Seven months of preparation have culminated into one day and all the girls did us very proud. Our wonderful cheer squad of family and friends filled the Roslea hall and I know none of it would have been made possible without the support of all the girls families and teachers.

Well done to our 9 zone place getters who now head to Homebush in November. Congratulations to all 16 finalists who head to repechage and all the semi finalists. The hard work continues.


5 years

Semi Finalist: Ella

Finalist: Jenna

Zone Places: Gemma 5th

6 years

Semi Finalists: Crystal, Savannah, Tara, Addisyn

Finalists: Emily, Leah, Prisha

Zone Places: Gabriella 4th, Heidi 5th

7 years

Semi Finalists: Jazmin

Finalists: Leiden-Aree, Sophia, Sienna

Zone Places: Charlotte 2nd

8 years

Semi Finalists: Kayla, Jorja-Lily, Sarah, Natalie

Finalists: Rochelle, Monique, Alexia, Olivia

9 years

Semi Finalists: Roxanna

Finalists: Celine

Zone Places: Maddison 3rd, Georgia 4th, Emma, 5th

10 years

Semi Finalists: Tamsin, Zoe, Angelina, Saloni, Kayley

Finalists: Maddison

11 years

Semi Finalists: Hayley, Isabella

Finalists: Phoebe, Madison

Zone Places: Victoria 1st

12 years

Semi Finalists: Piper, Bianca, Briana

Finalists: Sarah, Jazz

Zone Places: Cecilia 2nd

14 years

Semi Finalists: Joey

Finalists: Jennifer

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