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GG Belles Do Us Proud At The Nationals

It is difficult to explain how hard all our girls work to achieve their best but there were 8 girls who gave their absolute all last Sunday when they represented Guildford-Greystanes at the Junior National Finals at Homebush.

Emma, Maddison, Georgia, Gabriella and Heidi performed in the morning and Charlotte, Victoria and Cecila performed in the afternoon. The girls were selected at zone level and competed against the best 80 girls in their age from across Australia. Cecila was our most successful girl on the day, making the semi-finals which placed her in the top 40 in Australia.

These girls have worked so hard, attending extra lessons on Thursdays and Saturdays while also preparing for teams. Their success would not be possible without their supportive families right behind them. We are honoured to have them at our club and proud of their achievements.

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