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GG Champions- Nichole Vella

This is the second of a series of blogs to introduce some of our successful club members who have dedicated much of their time to practicing Physie and experienced great rewards. These girls lead by example and embody all that we stand for, empowering girls for life.

Nichole attends the Seniors Class on Monday nights and has been doing Physie since she was very young. At the age of 6 Nichole placed second in the National Finals and in the years that followed made the national final countless times.

For most of her life Nichole has been taught by teacher Rachelle Adams. But she has always been strongly influenced by founding teacher, Isabel Bugden. Her strongest quality has to be her perseverance. Even when she does not achieve the results she hopes she goes back to the drawing board and works even harder. This determination truly came into play in 2015 when she made the Senior Opera House for the first time as an 19-20 Open Senior. Since this time she has been selected in the final each year, always grateful for the honour of being selected.

Nichole is a talented teacher and BJP associate. She has taught the junior girls and currently teaches the 13 to 1st year class every Wednesday night . In her Physie down time Nichole is busy finishing the final year of a degree in Occupational Therapy. She is a busy lady but always makes time for her physie.

Nichole certainly practices. She is a consistent worker who uses trial and error to find the best shapes in her work. Watching Nichole perform is like opening all your birthday presents. Just when you think you have seen the best gift of all she gives you an even better one. Her interpretation of the music is breath taking. We are often told by others in the physie world how lovely Nichole is as a person, never allowing her competitive nature to shadow over her friendly and loving personality.

Her mum, Lyn and Dad, David are her number one supporters, attending every competition and David has recorded every major physie competition since Nichole first performed as a 5 year old. We are always glad to see her grandmother at the comps and her sister Rachael is always there to motivate Nichole along the way. It is lovely to watch them all supporting her in her passion.

Nichole, we are proud of your success, the role model that you are and the passion you have for Guildford-Greystanes Physie.

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