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Keep Calm But Celebrate Success

It has been a wonderful fortnight for the GG Team. All the teachers have proudly watched on as each student has given their best version of themselves. We work hard and we never take for granted the success we achieve. Each year there are more and more highlights and we are always grounded by the moments that don't live up to our expectations too. 'Its fine to celebrate success, but heed the lessons in failure as well'.

So we keep going, we don't stop and we set the bar a little higher each time.

Congratulations to our juniors who competed in Pennant Hills zone on the 8th and 9th September at Roslea Community Centre.

3 Zone Champions

14 Girls to Nationals in November

19 Girls to repechage in October

Well done to all our first timers and girls who competed in the heats and semis.

HUGE thanks to our families who stay and support each other. Also to the people behind the scenes who mend leotards, whip hair into a design, powder noses and Pin numbers, you know who you are.

The joy continued with our Ladies on the weekend. Congratulations to Corinne Sullivan and Verity Grant. We look forward to watching Verity compete at Ladies Nationals in November. Miss Verity you give so much of your time to Guildford-Greystanes it is lovely to see you reach personal goals as well.

How lucky we are!

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