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Successful Weekend of Teamwork

On the 3rd and 4th November Guildford Greystanes competed in the National Teams Competitions in Championship Grade, an honour in itself.

Overall we had 11 teams competing with outstanding results.

5-6 Mint Tam 2nd Place

5-6 Pink Team Outstanding

7-8 Pink Team 2nd Place

7-8 Mint Team 4th Place

9-10 Pink Team Outstanding

9-10 Mint Team Outstanding

11-12 White Team 3rd Place

11-12 Belles Team Outstanding

13-14 Team 5th Place

1st Year Senior Outstanding

Open Senior Team 4th Place

Club history was created in the 7-8 years when for the first time in 20 years both teams achieved a place in their section.

A big thank you goes out to the tireless effort from our amazing GG Family. Michelle Aquillina for doing all of the girl’s hair. Our dedicated committee members Margaret Dunn, Sandra Abreu, Belinda Carr, Carmen Smith and our adopted Committee members Gail Irla ( Miss Verity’s mum), Dianne Walsh (Miss Leannes mum) for their unwavering support and help with makeup, toilet stops, dressing, cuddles, entertainment and making sure the girls had everything they needed.

Thank you to the parents and carers of our amazing girls, we appreciate your diligence and patience with not only the lead up to this event but also your support and encouragement for your daughters and having them there at class every week to help our club achieve such outstanding results.

To our GG Belles, you should all be so proud of your achievements. The way you showed such amazing sportsmanship on and off the floor. You all behaved and represented yourselves and our club beautifully. Parents you should be very proud as are we.

Lastly, we are so lucky to have such talented and dedicated teachers at Guildford Greystanes. A huge Thankyou goes out to Miss Rachelle, Miss Chris, Miss Leanne, Miss Verity and our helpers Miss Jazz and Miss Victoria. The amazing results we achieved is a combination of the girls, committee and teachers all working together for the Love of this amazing sport PHYSIE.

13-14 Team Outstanding

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