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13's to Seniors, Ladies and Mums Christmas Dinner and Presentation Night.

Over 45 members, 13's to 1st years, Seniors, Ladies and Mum's took some time out to reflect on some amazing achievements and sip on some well deserved beverages atour annual Christmas Presentation Night.

We enjoyed a delicious meal, whilst playing our annual Trivia questionnaire, with the usual suspects taking the win...

Awards given on the night are as follows..

Class Awards

13,14-1st year Seniors - Jennifer Lytwyn

Seniors - Ghounwa Tawk

Ladies - Verity Grant

Senior Spirit Award - Zali Aquilina

Most Consistent Worker - Hayley Wright

Zone Places

Victoria Carr 2nd

Cecilia Bolognesi 1st

Jazz Brooks 3rd

Sarah Dennis 4th

Verity Grant 4th

National Place - Rachael Vella 1st

National Finalist - Tabatha Cullen, Verity Grant

National Semi Finalist - Victoria Carr, Nichole Vella.

We had a moment to give thanks for all Chris and Carmen have done for our club. We presented them with their parting gifts and exchanged some emotional, grateful words. Then there was a Farewell cake which we all enjoyed.

Chris and Carmen, we will miss you dearly, we understand life takes us on new journeys and we wish you all the best for a fulfilling life, although I'm sure you wont be able to stay away for too long, the door is always open xx

Drinks were had and laughs and tears were shared. We are so proud of our GG members and Family.

We are looking forward to a new year filled with goals, dreams and success.

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