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Positions, Posture and Toe Points

Our annual holiday workshop recently took place at the Alan G Ezzy Community Centre at Pemulwuy. The girls spent the day completing workshops with a number of teachers.

Miss Nichole was our special guest and revised positions, Miss Leanne took the girls through important stretches.

Miss Verity helped us make physie art work and we had a really great chat about been the best version of ourselves. Miss Victoria shared a great story with us that she has taken from her dad about getting toothpaste back in its tube once its out. But we won't tell you all the details. You will just need to ask the girls who attended the day.

We received a beautiful message from Maddi at the end of the day 'it was exactly what I needed to hear, Thank you!'

The GG Teachers look forward to our annual workshop. We sincerely thank Margaret Dunn for spending the day organising food and assisting where it was needed. They are a great day and build on the already wonderful relationships our girls have.

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